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  • The School of Life program
  • The School of Life program

The School of Life is devoted to the development of emotional intelligence through the examination of culture and philosophy. Founded in London in 2008 by world renowned philosopher (and an one of my favourite authors) Alain De Botton, they now have chapters all over the world including Melbourne.

When The School of Life came to Perth as a pop up school in September 2014, I was thrilled to be asked to design the program for their launch event, a secular sermon by Julian Burnside on the topic of fairness with original music by John Butler.

The idea for the program stems from examining the values and emotions involved in fairness, such as compassion, prejudice and respect. This was then communicated via a pie graph giving differential sized pieces to each element and illustrated as a meat pie to tie in with the Australian focus of the sermon. The infographic theme was carried through the program, using flow chart elements to divide the information and highlight important sections.

photography by Dan Grant

The School of Life Australia website