Brand + website design for Eyes of Claremont

SINCE 2009

Eyes of Claremont are a fashion forward optometrist located in Claremont Quarter, a high-end shopping centre in Perth.

In the many years we have been working together, they have engaged me to redesign their brand identity, direct photography and video, design posters and ads and redesign and develop their website. We are currently working on a new website set to be launched in 2024.


Eyes of Claremont are high end and confident with an emphasis on quality products and service. Their branding and photography is designed to reflect those qualities.

The current website was launched in 2018. The focus of the design was making the information easy to access and read (especially given many of the users may have sight issues) while being an accurate reflection of the products and services they offer.

An updated website is currently in construction and due to be released in 2024.

Eyes of Claremont mockups